Meet our Tribe

Leadership Team


Chris Carino

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Justin Moll, MD


Ann Meade, MD


Scott Dobson, MD


Meg Carter, MD


Jocelyn Renfrow, MD


Melanie Greene, MD


Stephen Jones, MD


David Martin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tribe513 is a company of enduring growth with incredible people who excel at what they do. We started this company with a few great people and have built it alongside many talented team members over the years. We’re not a “top-down” organization, but one who emphasizes the camaraderie that results from locking arms and tackling challenges together. We credit our success to a consistent, personal approach to growing our Tribe, and to the character and strength of our people.

Tribe O.N.E.

Our team members who make up Tribe O.N.E. are truly the unsung heroes of our company. They provide the scaffolding for all our Tribe513 divisions and are diligently working behind the scenes to ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Without their commitment to hard work and their drive and dedication to our practices, Tribe513 wouldn’t be as strong as it is today.

Camp Tribe 2019

At Tribe we believe we are stronger together – and that working towards something bigger than ourselves results in relationships that extend beyond our day-to-day jobs. Going on retreats is a big part of what we do, as it gives us a chance to serve, reflect and recharge. This year our entire Tribe513 family was invited to get out of the office at an overnight mountain retreat we named “Camp Tribe.” Over 200 of our family gathered together for a few days of fun and fellowship…Take a look!

Our Tribe

One Tribe. Many Opportunities.